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This package contains the sheet music and TAB for the walking bass line that I've written for 'All The Things You Are'. The chord progression is included along with a backing track (from iReal Pro). 


'All The Things You Are' is an essential jazz standard for all Jazz musicians. The chord progression contains a lot of II, V, Is, which makes it a great piece for anyone studying Jazz form. There are many covers of this song; I particularly like the Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker versions. Once you've learned the walking bass line, why not try out some solo ideas over the backing track!


1 x PDF

1 x MP3 


Tempo: 127 bpm

Key: Ab Major (the song starts in Ab but changes key throughout the piece)

'All The Things You Are' - Sheet Music, TAB, Chords, + Backing Track

  • 127 bpm