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Knowledge of arpeggio inversions is essential for improvisation and is useful for writing bass lines, regardless of the musical style, as it allows you to visualize where the chord tones are across the fretboard. The aim of this package is to help you develop a deeper understanding of how the chord tones relate to each other so that you can find them quickly and easily, and to help you break out from using only standard note sequences in your playing. 


This package contains:


  •  'A Bass Players Guide to Arpeggio Inversions' (PDF book) - easy to use diagrams for the five main chord types (major 7, dominant 7, minor 7, minor 7 flat 5, and diminished 7) in root position and all the inversions. There are multiple patterns for each chord and inversion type, so even if you are somewhat familiar with inversions, this book will likely provide something new for you, and it's easy to use format makes it perfect for beginners who want a simple introduction to inversion patterns.


  • 'Ultimate Inversions Exercise' (PDF exercise and backing tracks in all 12 keys) - this exercise will really test your chord tone knowledge! It uses all three inversions for major, minor, and dominant 7 arpeggios (ascending and descending). TAB + music notation.

Arpeggio Inversions Bundle

  • - PDF books

    - MP3 audio