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Chromatic notes are a crucial part of improvisation and Jazz. This exercise combines chord tones and chromatic notes through a II, V, I, VI chord progression (in all 12 keys) using quarter notes and triplets.


This exercise focusses on developing the following areas:

  • Fretting hand agility
  • Use of chromatic notes
  • Familiarity with II, V, I, VI chord progressions
  • Chord tones for major, minor, and dominant 7 arpeggios
  • Combining triplets with quarter notes (particularly useful for walking bass and soloing)


The package contains a PDF in standard music notation and TAB, with three II, V, I, VI backing tracks (MP3. from iReal pro) in different tempos (80 bpm, 100 bpm, 120 bpm). The backing tracks cycle through the II, V, I, VI chord progression in each key (in the order presented in the PDF).

II, V, I, VI Chromatic Note Exercise - 12 Keys