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This package contains the sheet music and TAB for the solo line that I've written for 'Sandu'. The chord progression is included along with backing tracks (from iReal Pro) in three tempos.


'Sandu' is a 12 bar jazz standard that was first released on the 1955 album Study In Brown by Clifford Brown and Max Roach. The chord progression is quite simple, so it's a good song to use for exploring solo ideas.


This solo line utilizes a mixture of eighth notes, triplets, and a couple of quarter notes for some rhythmic variety. As with most jazz standards, there's a heavy emphasis on the swing feel.


1 x PDF

3 x mp3 backing tracks (80 bpm, 100 bpm, 136 bpm)


Tempo: 136 bpm (same tempo as the recorded version on Study In Brown)

Key: Eb Major (same key as the recorded version on Study In Brown)

'Sandu' - Sheet Music, TAB, Chord Progression, + Backing Track

  • Eb Major